Eight Classic Films You Should Know About

I’m on vacation this week—here’s a post from my other blog you might enjoy. I haven’t reviewed “The Sting” yet, but stay tuned….

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Here are eight films famous for either one line or one gesture — as well as being damn good movies.

Wondering if it’s a compliment to call someone “Eve Harrington?”  Where did the David Bowie “You Remind Me of A Babe” routine originate? And what does that little brush of the finger against the nose mean?

Yes, this is blatant cross-promotion for my classic movie blog, Classic for a Reason. I’ve reviewed seven of the eight films there, and have conveniently linked to the individual reviews (click on the title).

Here, in no particular order, are the chosen eight:

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer — 1947

“You remind me of a man…”

Shirley Temple turns in a delightful performance as the love-struck teenager captivated by playboy Cary Grant. Of course it’s her older sister who catches his eye, but she’s the judge who almost sent him to jail…

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